Exploring Budget-Friendly Accommodation Options in Europe

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Classic or premium accommodation options such as hotels, hostels, rented rooms, holiday homes, and department hotels all seem pretty ordinary. Moreover, they often come with a high price tag. However, many travelers find exceptional accommodation throughout Europe without spending a bomb. A variety of budget-friendly solutions exist in cities, towns, and the countryside, irrespective of popularity. These solutions enable close food, locals, or both. Furthermore, travelers can enjoy unexpected luxury yet meet all basic habitational demands. Though many such places are mainly economic, popular, and services-oriented, their administrators take extra effort to ensure that guests experience the best possible hospitality.

Europe is an ideal travel destination with its rich cultural history and fascinating architecture. Although many people would love to explore the various cities within the continent, traveling costs often pose a significant concern. Other than booking flights at the lowest fare, travelers will also have to consider the cost of living in their chosen destination. Accommodation options happen to consume a substantial portion of overall travel expenditure, which further narrows the possibility of a European adventure. The good news is that travelers need not fret over the limited budget as there are various budget-friendly accommodation options available throughout Europe.

Overview of the Importance of Budget-Friendly Accommodation in Europe

It’s not exactly difficult to book budget-friendly hotels, hostels or bed-and-breakfasts in Europe but if you are looking for budget-friendly options in accommodations that combine good value for money and quality, well-conceived experience. For that reason, take a look at the following places that list budget-friendly accommodation in Europe. Many of the budget-friendly accommodations in Europe will offer private, en-suite bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, and all rooms are commonly heated. For the hostels, game and common rooms, and a free breakfast can be additional luxuries to make the experience of preferred departure and sleep more inviting. You might encounter additional surprises such as a table tennis or volleyball court, barbecue facilities for guests, a beautiful garden or free walking guides. During the search for these amazing deals and savings on accommodations, take a look at the likes of and Airbnb.

When visiting Europe, budget-friendly accommodation can be quite tricky to come by, particularly in some of the more popular and well-urbanized regions. To make your stay in the European continent more memorable, we have researched and written extensively on places where you can secure good and budget-friendly accommodation. In Europe, the cost of accommodation is often the determining factor for how long you will stay and the kind of experiences you will have. You don’t have to feign an experience in Europe if the high hotel rates limit your options. Many other beautiful regions in Europe cater to all types of tourists, including those traveling on a budget. The trick to getting these budget-friendly accommodations is by knowing when and how to book, and from our extensive research, they are definitely worth it.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Budget-Friendly Hotels

It is necessary to check the distance of the hotel to transportation points, such as bus stations and the metro, and the time it takes to go to city centers and important tourist sites. Sometimes, paying a little extra for a hotel near transportation can be a good trade-off. Travelers who chose to experience Europe on a limited budget do not expect much but at the very least, they desire to gain a good night’s sleep. A peaceful surrounding, enough space, cleanliness, comfort, and free services are the least that a budget-friendly hotel should offer. It may not consist of all of the fancy facilities that luxury hotels do but they should include all the guest needs.

There is more to choosing budget-friendly hotels aside from affordability. There is a need to consider various factors. Safety is paramount. When choosing budget-friendly hotels, one must guarantee that it is a secure place where guests can securely keep their belongings. Reviewing hotel reviews and searching travel blogs written by previous guests can help in making sure that a hotel is safe and clean. It is also helpful to know that there is a safe in the hotel room or a locker available in the hotel. Another point to check is the location of the hotel. A traveler on a tight budget will have to stay outside city areas if the city is a bit pricey.

Location and Accessibility

Proximity to the transport hubs: airport, bus station, train station, subway stops, and boat piers. Even if you are into driving, renting a car for major destinations will be much cheaper than renting it for the whole vacation period. If your budget is tight, book all necessary tickets online before your trip, as the price for in-city transportation is always higher. Area accessibility for elderly people or people with mobility limits or downloads their luggage. Ease of walking to the public transportation hubs. Make some additional research about an area: read reviews, see map landscapes, and overhead views available on Google Maps, for example.

When choosing a rental place in Europe, location and accessibility should be at the top of your checklist. Since the car rental in Europe for a foreigner is very expensive, choosing a place close to the public transportation options that fit your interests will save you time and money. Access to public transportation is extremely important in Europe, as it is much faster and cheaper to move between cities and countries by train or bus. You can also use routes on ships linking maritime cities and ferries in countries like Greece and Sweden, Denmark, Finland. When choosing a rental place in Europe, I consider the following:

Amenities and Services Offered

Budget travelers also form a sophisticated market, and the most successful budget hotels now try to offer the same level of service and comfort as more upmarket specialists. Although travelers accept that many amenities are unlikely to be included as standard, there are some that are not quite in the realm of luxury but that they would not consider doing without. You may not have to pay through the nose for some of these amenities. The following are some basic items that you should check are or are not included in the rate that you are quoted for your budget accommodation to prevent you from going over your budget. Be prepared to trade price off for location when booking your accommodation. The same trend you have witnessed in all other types of accommodation – the further a hotel is from the central area, the cheaper the rate is likely to be.

Let’s take a look at what you are really getting for your money when you book a budget accommodation in Europe. We will look at what is generally considered to be standard and what you need to look for so that you know exactly what you are paying for when you receive the final bill for your holiday. It has become increasingly important for budget accommodation to offer a whole host of amenities and services in order to cater for a broad variety of guests. In the past, budget travelers were simply those who accepted the least number of travel niceties in exchange for paying less. Now, everyone is feeling the pinch, and while people still want the best value for their money, they are also expecting value for money, too.

Top Budget-Friendly Hotel Chains in Europe

Good news! Just in case Paris or London were on the list of cities you want to go to, know that Airbnb and hostels won’t be the only budget-friendly accommodation options. It’s also possible to find a room in one of these reliable hotels, of these reliable hotel chains. They are reliable, and you have some references to read before making a booking. Always a plus. All of these hotels (well, almost all. I’ll explain which one isn’t a hotel) are present in the most beautiful capital cities in Europe, so reaching them is quite simple. They also offer room service and cool comfy rooms that will help you relax after a long tough day of exploring. Last but not least, they are located in the hearts of the city. What else?

Some travelers are often surprised at how expensive accommodation in Europe is when compared to those of the other continents. Especially for Asian and Australian travelers, accommodation in Europe could finish your travel budget without you noticing. The average price for one night in a hotel in Italy can go up to €280, and in London, it’s impossible to find a room for less than €400 without getting out of the town. These prices do sound a bit too high, don’t they? Especially when compared to the prices of staying in a private apartment. We all know the reasons; it has some practical and logical explanations, but those explanations don’t help families or young travelers on a budget. If you still want a private room for you and your partner or family for not too much money, you have to check out these top budget-friendly hotel chains in Europe.

Ibis Budget

Ibis Budget’s mission is to provide, through our employees, services, and infrastructure, a high-quality product for an extremely affordable price, exceeding the expectations of our clients and guests. These hotels are the best example of a smart traveling philosophy and of a perception that quality can coexist with affordability. Available 24/7, it is always a smart travel choice. The functional and modern rooms are capable of satisfying different types of travelers, whether they are business travelers, families traveling with children, or faithful athletics supporters.

Ibis Budget is an international hotel chain, a part of the Accor Hotels company. It is designed to cater to customers looking for unique experiences and seeking simplicity, modernity, and great quality. This type of hotel offers modern and comfortable rooms, functional and fully equipped to satisfy the needs of a demanding clientele. Ibis Budget is the ideal solution for travelers looking for affordability, comfort, and safety. Ibis Budget hotels enjoy a prominent location in the main city centers or close to historical or scenic natural landmarks, thanks to their strategic position. These hotels offer a 24/7 service and have a large range of services that guarantee maximum comfort and perfect financial accessibility.

Premier Inn

My Rating: Premier Inn is well… premier. Amongst the budget family hotel options, Premier Inn stands above with better rooms and a more restful night. The room is also kitted out with everything you need from the big beds to completely stocked up bathrooms and extra superdooper cleaning (which means the room should be cleaner than some of the other budget hotels). Plus, they serve some of the best full breakfasts in the budget hotel market, which is a bonus. With Premier Inn, you also have the option to select a ‘breakfast and dinner’ package to give you one less thing to think about during your family trip. They are more than willing to please, and for families who prefer a more modern option, it’s the best budget showcase.

Room Size: Premier Inn rooms can accommodate a family of four. The room is bright with a modern look. Each room comes with a family bathroom with different sized towels for all three family members. The bathrooms are especially roomy. Some of the rooms even come with a kitted out sofa area. It’s a warmer room from the other hotels; however, for most of the year, it’s still slightly chilly except in the middle of the summer.

Alternative Accommodation Options

On personal and professional levels, youth hostels can be an invaluable resource for travelers wanting to meet locals and make new acquaintances with other guests. Therefore, it is vital for everyone traveling to Europe to enjoy research and reserve at least partial stays in these properties.

The majority of youth hostels offer their guests a few meals daily, which is particularly practical for short-term holidaymakers. When directly comparing different types of accommodation, youth hostels are the least expensive and most appropriate to recommend to travelers on tight budgets, notably for students traveling without their family, young travelers traveling without chaperones, or young adults with limited or no experience living abroad.

Depending on the length of your planned stay, the time of year, and the area of Europe you will be visiting, there are a number of different types of budget-friendly accommodations to suit the lifestyle and travel needs of a variety of different travelers and their varying personalities, budgets, and interests. One of the most popular choices of accommodations for young, budget-conscious travelers is youth hostels, which are known as “Auberges de Jeunesse” in French. These properties are located throughout Europe and offer their guests the opportunity to live an inexpensive and carefree travel experience, meet other like-minded guests from around the world, and enjoy regular activities such as parties, meals, games, and occasional outings.


Hostels are not renowned for being particularly comfortable places, and if you’re feeling really tired, it might be worth considering investing in more comfortable beds and private rooms. In many hostels, they are usually half to full over the bed in a dormitory, but are often avoidable if you don’t want the extra space. And unless the hostel policy is to empty the sheets and pillowcases on arrival and make your own bed, bed linen is provided and there is no need to carry a sleep sack. But it is always worth calling the hostel in advance and checking the prices.

Hostels are undoubtedly the cheapest accommodation option for travelers, and they are often considered to be aimed at backpackers who are prepared to rough it. However, hostels are no longer just for young travelers. Many people traveling abroad on a tight budget have discovered that cycle tourists, both young and old, for example, have found that they are the perfect place to rest up for a day or two. Not only is the accommodation cheap, but the facilities such as self-catering kitchens and laundry facilities can be invaluable. In summer, the dorm beds can be rather crowded with foreign exchange groups, so it might be worth ringing the hostel a day or so in advance, if possible, to check whether there are availabilities.


Travelers can book private rooms, entire apartments or houses, or even just a single room on Airbnb in over 191 countries. The accommodations are generally cheaper than hotel rates and this market often represents a great option for travelers looking for a local experience. Most Airbnb rentals have the possibility for guests to use the kitchen, enabling travelers to save money by making their own meals instead of eating out all the time. Both good and bad, Airbnb has revolutionized the travel market and brought with it an enormous number of changes.

Before Trivago and Bookings.com existed, Airbnb rewrote the book on travel accommodation. The overwhelming concept that introduced the world to the new “traveling like a local” dream and established itself in the adventurous backpacker and low-cost traveler market. With more than 12% of online bookings and a multi-billion dollar capitalization, Airbnb is without a doubt the biggest player in the private vacation rental market. Airbnb is an online platform that connects travelers with local hosts who rent out their homes as short-term accommodation.

Tips for Booking Budget-Friendly Hotels

1) Strategically booking your travel time can score you some big-time savings when it comes to booking budget-friendly hotels. Prices are lower during the shoulder season. Also, you may want to pick a day that has less hotel demand than the rest to get more savings on your hotel price.

2) Do some research on user reviews. User reviews are extremely useful in deciding where to book your hotel room. Simply conduct a search on the hotel’s name and pay close attention to the user reviews. If the hotel has significant adverse reviews, it might not be worth your money.

3) Utilize your memberships. Many big chains have a reward program that can save you money. In fact, there are many hotel companies that run promotions on their reward programs to attract new customers. These same hotels may even have exclusive deals based on the length of the hotel stay or the hotel policy itself.

4) Book your hotel room from the right website. Many discounted hotel booking services have what is called a “best price guarantee” or, in other terms, a price matching guarantee. If you find a better rate within the same period, you get back the difference.

But how can one book budget-friendly hotels? Are there any tips we should be aware of? The answer is yes! The rule of thumb for booking budget-friendly hotels is to avoid doing it too close to your travel time. For a cheap hotel deal, you might need to book months in advance. However, with the recent development of online booking, there might be a last-minute deal that you can take.

Utilizing Online Booking Platforms

Familiarization with the name of a few low-cost hostels occurs in online travel forums, as tourists frequently index and narrate their accommodation studies and experiences in these platforms. Posts in forums are accompanied by pictures, evaluations, and ratings. Reviews are usually extensive, composed of both individual opinions and forum host controversies, each boasting of esteem for his research on the merits and drawbacks of some suggested accommodation. In these forums, travelers usually tender detailed questions, such as “I’m going to Stockholm this weekend, and I’m looking for a good budget hostel that is well located and has good connections to public transport. Do you have any suggestions?” Other travelers also present remarkably comprehensive accommodation lists or frequently refer posters to external linkages with comparable hostel locations in the city.

Upon arrival in Europe, it is wise for particularly those first-time travelers to visit physical tourism offices within airports, train, or bus terminals, although it is unlikely for one to take this step. In addition to this, airport tourist offices are likely to present travelers with tangible options available in the city, town, or village visited. Another immediate, though indirect, source of information on budget-friendly accommodation is the green arrivals area located on the confines or the outskirts of airports, railway stations or central bus terminals themselves. These are usually lined with various touts who are both accredited and non-accredited private accommodations managers (hotels, hostels, guesthouses) based in the city. The advantage of using this source is that they already have their offer ready, for the available accommodations range from budget-friendly to elite.

The beauty of online booking platforms is their user-friendliness, straightforwardness and directness, which effortlessly enable one to compare accommodation facilities and rates, and instantly book rooms. Ever-evolving marketing has made booking accommodations even more user-friendly, through web-based options or apps available for download on all markets, that serve travelers with officious, or indecisive, personalities perfectly. These platforms automatically present available accommodation in each destination visited, based on the traveler’s current location, the travel date, the accommodation preferences fed in by the traveler (through specific filter functions), and the user-generated average reviews.

Gone are the days when one had to physically show up at a hostel or guesthouse and book a room face-to-face. In the current digital age, there are countless online booking platforms that cater to all traveler needs, ranging from long-haul flights, bus, ferry or train tickets, rental cars, and accommodation of various descriptions. HostelWorld, Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia, Airbnb, Couchsurfing, and several other platforms have become the tools of trade of all backpackers, solo or group travelers, tour operators, and most entities in the tourism industry.

Taking Advantage of Discounts and Deals

European Union Seniors – 100% Discounts and Travel Deals Travelers aged 60 and over who live inside the European Union and its member states can benefit from a 100% discount on the base fare of point-to-point international drug line train tickets, if they travel in second class. In certain cases, this means that these senior citizens can avoid having to pay for train travel, if the overall cost of a train ticket does not exceed the cost of the booking fee or admin fee that the railway undertaking charges its passengers. The discount rules regarding the use of senior citizen railcards may vary by country, and the conditions of carriage of various railways are only accessible in the language of the country to which the railway belongs, but the prices of train tickets are always displayed in Euros.

If you want to stay in a hotel or hostel, but are on a tight budget, you can still manage to make your money go further if you keep an eye out for discounts and deals. There are some lodging establishments in Europe that offer discounted rates to travelers who stay for more than a night, if they check in during the off-peak season or midweek, book their rooms well in advance, make use of the lodging establishment’s official website or peruse the special rates and promotions section of the travel section of online news and media companies. Moreover, booking via super-fast Eurostar can help to save some extra money, and the official websites of certain tourist boards, visitor centers or railway undertakings often provide information about participating lodging establishments in their respective country that offer travelers reduced rates or added value.