Palaces & Private Islands: Indulge in Asia’s Most Luxurious Getaways

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Beyond the unadulterated luxury and purely indulgent comfort that will make it nigh impossible for you to return to the real world, the price difference between top-end and dirt cheap in much of Asia is often very small compared to what it would buy in Europe, Australasia, or the Americas; a fact that will certainly not make your post-experience depression any easier. While there are those discerning few who do not look back once they have tasted the lifestyle, more modest travelers may still be content with a short stint in these locations and the payoff between a now and then visit to the Maldives now for what they would otherwise spend on a high-priced room somewhere much more ordinary and decades in package holiday destinations. High-end accommodation and experiences in Asia are also increasingly diverse and with rates fluctuating with the ebb and flow of economies and tourist seasons, it can also at times be surprisingly accessible.

There are times when only the best will do and when the journey really is as important as the destination. Be it a lovers’ retreat, a billionaire’s indulgence or a hedonistic holiday to blow the bonus, when money is no object and only luxury will suffice, Asia’s top-end hotels, lavish resorts, private islands, and unique one-off experiences will provide an array of options. This is a continent where you can choose between the world’s most exclusive and opulent facilities, from arriving at your palace by elephant in jungled northern Thailand, to staying in a converted maharaja’s mansion in India, or in ultra-modern luxury in Japan’s vibrant capital. Whether your princess fantasy is best fulfilled by being groomed to imperial perfection while festooned in diamonds and silks, or your own personal Xanadu of private yachts and desert island is the aim, if you can dream it, you can do it in Asia.

Asia’s Most Luxurious Getaways

The stunning natural beauty of Southeast Asia is the drawcard for those setting off in search of paradise, and many are now finding it in the form of the region’s exclusive private islands. While many seem light years away from the modern world, getting there is actually quite simple with the use of a resort’s speedboat or a short flight by light aircraft. This makes a stay on a deserted island an attractive proposition. The fantasy scenario of being a modern-day Robinson Crusoe can be achieved. These islands are not limited to the super-rich, and many offer more modest accommodation at a fraction of the cost of a private bungalow. A private beach is still guaranteed.

Finding a category name for any cluster of pristine deserted beaches with some of the Asia’s most luxurious resorts and the essential calm and peacefulness which the world looks for. Set amidst modern high-rise buildings and The Palm Island, that’s a double taking area where big money is often spent and privacy is available at reasonably high prices. Asia’s top end beachfront resorts and their private islands provide some of the finest accommodation experiences in the world. Essentially, these places are all about the time and space to be yourself. Too often, the trappings of a luxury resort, whether it be golf courses, swimming pools, or over efficient hotel staff, negate the opportunity to feel totally relaxed and stress-free. At any of these properties featured below, the exuberance and spirit of the destination is not left up to the hotel’s activities coordinator.

Why Choose Palaces & Private Islands?

Because people spend most of their time in urban areas, every individual needs to get away from the rush of city life now and then. Some go to the country to rough it in the wide openness of nature, and some people go to the country to stay at beautiful estate homes. If you are looking for a wonderful luxurious getaway and rejuvenation, then adults-only resorts are the perfect retreat. Also, adventures like desert safari, bungee jumping, skiing, and diving, along with a number of other things, are an excellent way to enjoy an amazing vacation. Ultra-luxury travelers can enjoy various activities in their own way. As these people are financially sound, they can enjoy these activities in numerous customized ways. These activities are interesting for an adventurous and luxury holiday. An extension of a holiday and important to ultra-luxury travelers is discovery and learning. These travelers are accustomed to balancing self-indulgent escapes with activities of personal interest that cultivate the mind, body, and soul. Ultra-luxury travelers are interested in cultural immersion, through participating in local traditions, learning about indigenous cultures, arts, and traditions, and tasting the traditional foods and the lavish lifestyle in absolute forms. All these activities can prove to be an amazing vacation. Undoubtedly, palace and private island vacations are a luxury getaway in absolute terms. These vacation spots are elite and the most opulent. This is the fantasy of every wealth connoisseur to relish the most luxurious vacation. These are the most compelling vacation spots for ultra-luxury travelers who wish to elude away from the mundane world and enjoy in their own way. Palace vacations encapsulate the aura of royal extravagance. The majestic ambiance of palaces, halls, museums, and splendid gardens oozes an uncustomary lifestyle, and these vacation spots are an apt place to forget today’s world and reside in a world of fantasy. These palaces are often transformed into hotels, luxury resorts, or the modern-day royal residences. The aristocratic indulgences provided in these places with custom-designed experiences, including equestrian sports, polo, private classical music performances, and classical dance shows, can nonpareil any other vacation. Private islands are an archetype of seclusion and luxury. These islands are located at some of the most beautiful places on this earth. The serene beauty of nature, including majestically beautiful beaches, enthralling underwater scenery, and lush green forests and landscapes, and the salubrious climate, all make these vacation spots a paradise. These islands are the favorite retreat place for celebrities and wealthy people who wish to avoid the prying eyes of society. There are very few advertisements available for these vacation spots, and some are kept ultra-exclusive, and reservations are strictly through word of mouth and through personal contracts. The principal idea is to get away from the rest of the world and reside in one’s own world, and these islands offer a remarkable living experience, far away from today’s modernity. Rich travelers have luxury accommodations at their disposal, including plush beachfront bungalows and luxurious private residences. All the facilities and recreational activities on these islands are custom-tailored to provide the ultimate extravagant and fulfilling experience. With personalized service, good food and wine, and the serene natural beauty, it is a compelling vacation spot. It can be concluded that palaces and private islands provide the most compelling and delightful vacation for ultra-luxury travelers, and this is the best way to enjoy the riches of life.

Palaces as Luxurious Getaways

Also located in India is the former royal guesthouse of Rajasthani rulers, Devi Garh. This hotel is situated in the village of Delwara, deep in the Aravalli hills, one of the world’s oldest mountain ranges. The hotel’s stunning architecture is an amalgamation of culture and tradition, while the interiors are a feat of design. Each room is different, but all of them are suites, spread across 27 suites over 7 different styles which are attired in luscious silks and velvets. Replete with luxury and the finest amenities and a view of rural Rajasthan, Devi Garh offers a rare blend of an exotic experience with modern comfort.

Enter a world of luxury and refinement with a stay at Rambagh Palace in India. Once the residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur, this hotel provides its guests with an experience of truly living a king’s life. Feel the echoes of the generations of royals who have stayed here and look upon the elegant features in the classic and historic rooms. Choose to wander in the sprawling gardens or relax at the indoor swimming pool. Experience the various cultural experiences and local tours, and dine on Indian or continental fare in the original dining hall. With a slew of amenities and services, you’ll be treated like royalty during your entire stay.

Experience a jaw-dropping fairy tale of your own within Asia’s lavish and palatial getaways. Indulge in the architecture of culture and class, draped in symmetric gardens and ornately detailed palaces. Pervading a feel of exclusivity, lavishness, and character, these palaces are the epitome of Asia’s philosophy of great service and tradition.

Exquisite Architecture and Design

The architectural designs of palaces provide a feast for the eyes. These magnificent structures often embody the artistic and cultural heritage of the country. Of special note are the innumerable palaces of India and the ancient palace, the Potala in Lhasa, Tibet. The arts of these countries are vividly expressed in the architecture, ornamentation, and construction methods of their palaces. No expenses were spared in their construction, and the most skilled artisans of the time were employed in their creation. The result is an architectural wonder that is both beautiful and culturally significant. The dissemination of information on these cultural artifacts far outweighs the value of any guided tour. This can be seen by comparing written descriptions and analyses of the Taj Mahal with those for lesser-known tourist spots. The Taj Mahal is an enduring cultural legacy known worldwide, while many smaller sites are known only to a few. Many palaces have been transformed into museums or tourist sites. This is particularly true in parts of Europe. Both the Louvre and Versailles were once palaces of the French Monarchy and are now open to the public (after the French Revolution, of course). Important are the sites in Asia that are considered national treasures. The maintenance and preservation of such sites have caused much debate in recent years. The aforementioned shift in the tea industry has affected the revenue available for site maintenance in Sri Lanka. Ancient kingdoms which at one time funded the building of the now dilapidated palaces and temple complexes no longer exist. The responsibility of maintenance of sites that are considered national symbols sometimes falls on international funding or organizations. This has led to the controversial topic of whether foreign control of these sites is an abandonment of national identity or an economic necessity.

Royal Treatment and Exclusive Services

Royal treatment at these establishments begins as the hotel car pulls up the drive. It is impossible to forget any moment that you are not royalty while staying at a palace hotel, with concierge and staff making sure that every possible wish is fulfilled, no matter how unreasonable. Allowing a guest to feel that they are king for a day is only half of royal treatment; the guest must be catered to. This may become tiresome for some, but those not used to such pampering will soon be convinced that this is the only way to live. Along with the attentive service, rooms at these hotels are often jewels of the former palace, ornate and very high-ceilinged. Attendants leave chocolates on the pillow, arrange flowers, stock the minibar just often enough to make the charge for each refill still seem reasonable.

After checking in at the palace front desk, the esteemed guests are whisked away in a horse-drawn carriage to their room. This is not a dinner show but a hardy way of arrival at your too-good-to-be-true new lodgings. It used to be that only kings and queens could spend the night or two at a palace. There is no shortage of palaces around the world that do not serve as private residences for the king, or queen, or inhabiting royalty. These palaces have now been converted into high-end, luxury hotels. They are the only way for a commoner to visit places either still owned or previously occupied by royalty.

Immersion in Rich Cultural Heritage

With accommodations in palaces offers a truly unique cultural experience. These buildings are often a destination in themselves, which contain a wealth of interesting culture and history. The Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, India is a marble palace that appears to float on the still waters of Lake Pichola. Crescent and Dome adorned with intricate art is a visual treat and the perfect example of Indian architecture. During their stay, the guests are treated to the elegance of a royal era when they are adorned in traditional Mewar fashion and process to their rooms in a royal barge by the resplendent ceremonial Ladli Ghat. This gives them a taste of the Mewar regal lifestyle. Another example is the ancient Rajasthani custom of sending hukka (invitation for a smoked tobacco session) to the guests’ room. This custom is carried out even today for the guests. The culture and traditions of the Indian monarchy are sure to leave a lasting impression on the guests.

International tourists often select a specific region or destination based on the cultural experiences available. Participation in cultural tourism leads to an encounter with other people and ways of life different from the tourist’s usual daily experience. It includes the discovery, experience, and learning about other cultures, values, traditions, and a way of life in the very location. It generally refers to tourism that is based on the cultural attractions of a destination such as the history, art, and architecture.

Unparalleled Privacy and Tranquility

The ultimate reward of successfully avoiding the bane of mass tourism and commercialization, these palaces have succeeded in offering what is in Southeast Asia rather a precious commodity – peace and tranquility. Now that the haunts of long-departed royalty are being transformed into hotels, tourists have the rare chance of escaping to a bygone age where these spectacular buildings were the impressive backdrop to a lifestyle saturated in leisure and opulence. Available in many forms, from the recently restored to one that time and fortune have forgotten, travelers will enjoy a getaway that is an enticing alternative to the well-trodden beach resort trail. Whether desiring relaxation by the pool in an atmosphere dripping with nostalgia for a romanticized colonial era, or an adventure in some of the world’s densest rainforests with their unassailed beauty and wildlife, the regal residences of yesterday offer the peace and privacy to enjoy the luxuries of today.

Private Islands as Luxurious Getaways

The idea of escaping to a private island is synonymous with luxury and, although up until recently, the concept of private islands is relatively “new to Asia”. Countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia have quickly established themselves as one of the most sought after private island destinations in the world. One of the biggest draws of a private island is the seclusion and exclusivity it offers. With only a limited number of guests staying on the island at any one time, it is not unusual for guests to discover that they have the entire beach to themselves. Additionally, most private island resorts will offer a variety of accommodation choices, from beachfront villas to overwater bungalows, ensuring an exclusive experience for each individual guest. Step out of your front door in the morning and you will be greeted with stunning views of pristine, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. As most islands are surrounded by coral reef, it is not uncommon for guests to find that they can snorkel and witness a variety of colourful and exotic fish species, directly from the beach. Private islands are an underwater photographer’s paradise, a lot of sea creatures can easily be seen and photographed without even having to get your head wet!

Ultimate Seclusion and Exclusivity

The whole context of this subsection will be based on how luxurious and private these private islands are. To clarify, these private islands are usually available for only a single party at any one time. This means that when you make a booking for a particular island, the whole island is solely yours for the duration of your stay period. There are no external parties or resorts to share the beach with, which means privacy is assured. A real testament to the level of privacy comes from the fact that many celebrities and high-profile figures often choose these private islands to take a break from their hectic careers. The reason is simple: they are able to relax and enjoy themselves in a public-free zone where they often will not be recognized. As a result, this also proves to be an ideal location for a romantic getaway or a honeymoon. Furthermore, exclusivity comes with knowing that you are in a place where only a select few can afford to be. The nightly rates for these island escapes are generally of a higher caliber than high-end hotels or resorts. The cost in some cases can be equivalent to that of the purchase of a new car, but the experience in itself is priceless.

Pristine Beaches and Crystal Clear Waters

Many upscale resorts or private islands claim to boast long stretches of pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, and yet all too often these descriptions are inaccurate. A truly luxurious private island is one where you can stroll along a deserted, palm-fringed sand spit and plunge into water that is so clear, you can see every detail of the ocean floor – the true definition of untouched beauty. Some private islands are surrounded by breathtaking coral reefs, making them perfect for snorkeling. Wadigi Island in Fiji, set amongst aquamarine seas and coral gardens, is a fine example of an island where the beaches and water make it very difficult to venture elsewhere. Another aspect of some private islands is that the beaches and water are literally at your doorstep. Wakaya Island in Fiji has several private residences located directly on the beach, so guests can walk out of their villa and find themselves on the sand, just steps away from the ocean. This adds a significant element of luxury and accessibility for those who want to spend lots of time near the water and enjoy beach activities. A select few private islands house only a single residence, ensuring that guests have the entire beach to themselves and no disturbances from other island inhabitants. The dream of having an entire island to oneself is realized at places such as Royal Davui Island in Fiji and Necker Island in the B.V.I. – the ultimate in beachfront seclusion and exclusivity.

Personalized Luxury and Bespoke Experiences

Some private islands make it imperative that their guests relax, unwind, and disconnect from the outside world. However, a great number of private islands seriously cater to their valued guests. Exceptional personalized service is the cornerstone of any luxury experience; it is the intangible asset that will turn an amazing vacation into an unforgettable one. On a private island in Fiji, Laucala, guests can enjoy a level of luxury and service unparalleled by many. At the heart of the Fijian archipelago, Laucala, a private island, is the most luxurious hideaway, inclusive of rich cultural experiences, decadent luxury, and unspoiled natural beauty. 240 staff attend to a maximum of 60 guests, so rest assured you will receive all the attention! The level of interaction from staff will be tailored to your specific needs, requirements, and wants. This is usually established from the moment an initial inquiry is made. Prior to arrival, guests will be interacted with in a manner that will allow the staff to optimize their experience while on the island. Special requests are highly encouraged; there is very little that can’t be accomplished on a private island! This level of interaction between guests and staff intends to create a sense of belonging and familiarity, thus creating an environment where guests are completely at ease. This is one of the most distinguishing characteristics from luxury experiences at hotels.

Water Sports and Outdoor Activities

The water sports and outdoor activities on offer are almost as impressive as the properties themselves. Most private islands will include a complement of golf, tennis, and hiking, and perhaps a full-size football pitch. The larger resorts will have state-of-the-art gyms and will include professional instructors and perhaps a visiting fitness expert or two. Interesting and a unique selling point for Six Senses Laamu is the Surf School run by Tropic Surf top coaches. The Maldives has some of the best surfing in the world, and what could be better than being able to do it in almost complete privacy? Tropic Surf also offers a luxury surf experience for the more discerning client or large groups, which takes you to even more remote locations from the resort by private charter. All equipment and food and drink provided with a full butler service on board. All but a few of the resorts include non-motorized water sports in their packages; however, some islands do stand out and come up with something quite unique. The One & Only Reethi Rah has a PADI National Geographic Dive Centre which offers specially designed underwater photography courses as well as week-long eco-residency programs for children and teens, which culminates in the creation of an artificial reef. The Soneva properties have long been at the forefront of sustainability. They rejuvenated and planted new seagrass to combat erosion and have complemented this by building an Eco Centro. This is an environmental and community education center where guests can learn about marine biology, the impacts of global warming, and what the resorts are doing to become carbon neutral and then participate in activities ranging from glass blowing to making paper from elephant poo.

Unforgettable Sunsets and Natural Beauty

This section truly seeks to epitomize an island escape into paradise. Almost every island getaway offers the opportunity to view golden sunsets, but at Amanpulo, the already beautiful experience of watching the sun go down is turned magical by the inspired creation of Kawayan Bar. The laid-back style bar provides the perfectly stunning setting of palm-fringed clear water beach against the setting sun, providing an array of exquisite cocktails to choose from while enjoying the beauty of the Philippine sunset. Similarly, there is the famous Rock Bar in Bali. Located at Ayana Resort and Spa, the bar is another brilliant creation of using the natural setting to its utmost. Set atop a natural rock formation with an open-sunned platform over the Indian Ocean, its views of the setting sun are simply breathtaking. And not to be missed in coming to Rock Bar is its use of a funicular and an inclinator to take visitors down to its location. For those looking to add a little adventure into their sunset view, Nihi Sumba Island can provide just that. One can view the sun setting behind the Indian Ocean horizon from the back of the resort’s resident horses during a guided beach tour. And after the sun has set at Nihi, a rare and extraordinary event might take place. The occurrence of a sea firefly is one you might only see a few times in your life. It takes place in the Sumba Straits from the months of June to September in only a few locations on Earth. This wondrous phenomenon sees the beaches lit up by fireflies in synchronized patterns, a truly special sight to witness.

Planning Your Luxurious Getaway

Once you’ve chosen your travel companions, it’s time to contemplate possible destinations. Asia is a large and varied continent, so a region and a type of holiday should be chosen. North Asian destinations such as Japan and Korea offer the chance to combine a luxury holiday with a cultural and culinary experience. Accommodation choices in this region are as varied as ryokans, luxury ski lodges, and temple lodgings. South-East Asia is a paradise for luxury travelers – accommodation comes at a fraction of the price of North Asia while an abundance of attractions such as tropical beaches, spas, markets, and a luscious, laid-back atmosphere await. If budget is of no concern, staying on a private island in South-East Asia could be the perfect luxury getaway. The Indian subcontinent/Middle East offer some of the world’s most opulent travel experiences; from palace hotels in Rajasthan to the indulgent excess of Dubai. Finally, consider special interests and themes. Honeymooners might seek a private and romantic resort, gourmet travelers may wish to follow regions famous for their cuisine, stressed out city dwellers might just want to escape to a serene and peaceful remote location. Once a destination has been chosen, the next decision will be on accommodation. Options such as resorts, private villas, Heritage hotels, 5-star hotels and spas, Michelin star restaurants with rooms, and serviced private apartments will be offered in varying degrees of luxury almost anywhere in Asia. Consider how much time will be spent at the accommodation and the type of experience desired. Travelers with children may wish to combine luxury with practicality, or active travelers may emphasize location and a variety of activities. The main advantage of Asian accommodation for luxury travelers is the chance to live in grand style at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent standard in the west. High season in Asia can be very competitive, so booking well in advance is advised.

Choosing the Perfect Destination

A good holiday or a good vacation is defined by the destination and the kind of experiences one has at the place. In every aspect, the place chosen should be suitable. For example, family vacations are usually liked in peaceful and friendly surroundings like in a hill station or a seaside area. Busy city life and problematic environments are usually not preferred by families. However, it can be a great holiday for a honeymoon couple. It all depends on who is going and what kind of moods one has. A place that is enjoyed by everybody is one containing beautiful landscapes with greenery and good environmental conditions. Now, people travel to far off places like other countries for vacations. These can be very expensive and need a good planning. For this one should have a detailed understanding of the vacation place. This can be achieved by visiting various travel websites, gathering information from various people who have visited the place and also possibly get the services of a travel guide. This is a lengthy process since not much information is available and one needs to search a lot. To solve this problem, destination selection systems come to a rescuer. These systems are basically softwares which provide every kind of information about a place. A tourist needs to enter the requirements and conditions of his holiday and the system provides a sorted list of all the destination places that best match his conditions. The information can include the environmental conditions of the place, the kind of language and culture one can expect, the tourist spots and also the various hotels and accommodations available. He can choose any place from the list and then the system again provides a complete tour guide of that place. This kind of system is very fast and reliable. With good amount of information available, it helps in deciding a good destination matching ones requirements and also possibly where ones money is worth it.

Accommodation Options and Amenities

Accommodation and amenities are an important factor to consider when planning a luxurious getaway. What makes an average trip luxurious can usually be traced back to the comfort of your accommodation and available amenities. Typically, luxurious travellers want to stay in villas, private rental homes, or resorts rather than the traditional hotel room. These options offer more seclusion and increased privacy for those desiring to escape from a fast-paced lifestyle. Villas and rental homes usually have a kitchen, allowing you to avoid the impulsive eating habits that form while staying at a hotel. Imagine waking up in paradise to an empty stomach and eating microwaved oatmeal before rushing out the door to see the sights. It doesn’t sound luxurious, does it? The ability to prepare healthy meals and wake up to the aroma of a fresh espresso can set the mood for the entire day. Resorts generally feature multiple pools, quiet gardens, and often times private beach access. Step out of your room and have an entire exotic paradise at your disposal. The concept of relaxation usually goes hand in hand with luxury, having a peaceful place to rest and rediscover your inner self. Step back into the real world and mix with the locals as many lavish resorts have options for you to volunteer on local initiatives, giving something back to those in less fortunate circumstances. An enriching experience for both parties, no doubt. One of the many benefits of staying in a villa, rental home, or resort is the amenities that are on offer. Sporting enthusiasts don’t have to break their daily routine with in-house gyms and tennis courts, water babies can usually find an array of water sport activities, let’s not forget the golfing aficionados who can have easier access to some of the world’s most celebrated courses. In contrast, people without a hobby can use these facilities as a means of starting one, no better place to learn tennis than on the red clay courts of southern Spain. All these activities can pave the way to a healthier future lifestyle, the effects of which can last long after the trip has ended.

Experiencing Local Cuisine and Fine Dining

An important part of a relaxing vacation is the avoidance of making decisions and plans wherever possible. If you are staying in a luxury resort or hotel, making arrangements to dine there or perhaps take a meal elsewhere can be an irritating task. A good method to avoid the stress of making these decisions is to pre-arrange your dining destinations. Although it may sound over the top, finishing some research on the area and making a few meal reservations before you leave can significantly reduce the amount of time and effort spent deliberating on what you feel like eating and where you should go to eat it.

Once you have chosen your perfect luxurious destination and decided on where you will be staying, an important consideration for your relaxing, indulgent escape is the finest dining for the duration of the trip. The best way to experience local culture and customs is through the consumption of local cuisine. The food and drink of a specific area can reflect greatly on the character of the location and its people. By dining in local restaurants, market places or even from street vendors, you can productively increase your awareness and understanding of what daily life is like in that specific community.

Exploring Surrounding Attractions and Landmarks

This is where the flexibility of having your own transport really pays off. Instead of being locked into an overpriced one-day bus tour, you can come and go as you please and focus your time and money where you see fit. Depending on your destination, car hire can often be quite cheap. For example, in Bali, you can hire a small SUV for around $25/day or less. Always remember to weigh up the cost of hiring a vehicle with the convenience and peace of mind of organized transport. Many luxury destinations such as private islands and upscale resort areas will be better explored by foot or bike, and you may not need a car.

Exploring the top attractions and landmarks in and around your destination can add a unique twist to your luxury trip. Often, holidaying in popular tourist destinations can be very uninspiring due to the many other tourists crowding the area. By venturing further afield, you can avoid mass tourism and overpriced trinket shops while mixing with the locals and experiencing the real culture of your holiday spot. Exploring quaint villages, national parks, little-known cultural or historical spots, and taking the time to wander is an excellent way to escape the tourists and get more out of your travel experience.

Ensuring a Seamless and Memorable Experience

Planning to undertake such an extravagant holiday can be a fun experience. The research phase may start with a few ideas in mind of what the perfect holiday would look like and quickly turn into a great adventure of exploring new destinations. It is important for a luxury traveler to consider all options and be sure the choice will result in a perfect holiday. Considering various alternative destinations may result in better ideas about the holiday sought, so having flexibility at this stage is definitely a plus. Many luxury travelers may already have a specific destination in mind and it is not uncommon for accommodation to be the defining factor on whether or not this idea is pursued. As stated previously, with luxury travel it is all in the details so even if a destination is set in stone, the location of a specific hotel can easily turn into the deciding factor. At some point during the holiday idea generation process there will be a bit of price comparison in an attempt to get the best possible deal for a luxury holiday. Pricing things out a bit can actually turn into the planning phase and the most efficient way to plan a holiday will often times be seeking the advice of a travel professional. Bespoke travel agencies specializing in luxury travel often have inside connections within the travel industry which enables them to provide the best possible information for the best possible rate. This is especially crucial with luxury travel as quality and options can be the difference between a good holiday and a great one. An alternative to using a travel agency would be to research and plan the trip personally. Often times it will take a bit of both and with travel information so easily accessible on the internet this task isn’t as daunting as it may seem.