Unveiling Asia’s Hidden Gems: Exclusive Access Tours for the Discerning Traveler

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The world of exclusive access tours created by Amujamu generates a heartfelt sense of respect, admiration, excitement, emotions, humility, and thankfulness.

Asia exclusive access travel organized by Amujamu, India gives you in-depth information about various activities, philanthropic projects, local services, initiatives taken by entrepreneurs or farmers which are not known to others in the world. By supporting them, you become a part of their success story. Your visits with one of Amujamu’s exclusive access travel plans have a tremendous positive impact on the local society; they help in maintaining and preserving the traditional craft, supply, herbs, spices, and other cultural aspects, generating employment opportunities, and help in preserving the natural landscapes, plant and animal flora and fauna. They have a strong tie with their communities – they participate in local events, Que projects, rural art and craft, local ceremonies, and lifestyle trends. You get to taste, dine, and experiment in a world of the private impresarios’ flair for the extraordinary. Moreover, visitors have a deep understanding of local customs, families, traditions, craftsmanship, responsibilities, and seasonal habits. Their natural beauty can reduce travel to tears, and their warm-heartedness can propel them to tears as well.

Asia exclusive access tours offered by Amujamu make every journey to Asia – a journey filled with a deep sense of responsibility and participation besides admiration. This enhances travel and gives it a deeply touching emotional appeal which is long-lasting and memorable.

Asia is a continent that is rich in tradition, and this comes across as you move from country to country, from one city to another, or from village to village. Each place you visit is more than willing to showcase its unique history and culture with a deeply imitable style and character. Every visit to an iconic attraction center in Asia calls for a must-visit statement, and it often happens with enthusiasm and delight. Although a visit to these iconic places brings along a sense of pride and satisfaction, there lies a parallel world in Asia – a world that gives you access to untold stories of exception, beauty in intricacies, exclusivity, or underexposed socially responsible projects.

Exploring Uncharted Territories

As a bustling modern city, Bangkok can be an extremely complex place to explore. And yet as sprawling and dense as it may seem, Shanghai somehow has the capacity to make visitors feel as if they have uncovered a mysterious and little known frontier. For those coming to Asia, the only thing that is certain is that the region, with its age-old traditions, contemporary culture and mighty cities, houses enough stunning, charming and captivating highlights to fill your travel itinerary of several lifetimes. Much more of the continent is left to be discovered, however and on your journey to Asia, we invite you to discover some of these secret treats, hidden wonders and perfect vacation destinations that you may have never heard of before. Embark on an exploration and take the time to uncover, experience, and intimately get to know Asia’s unconventional and odd, hidden and forgotten, enchanting and obscure pleasures. Whether you are into exploring remote areas, discovering strange places, seeking out of the ordinary tours or want to get to the only city in the world situated on two continents, we have tailored the regions most page-worthy secrets and gathered our best-kept bookable experiences for you, presented to you timeless Asia, unsung Asia, quirky Asia – introduced to you in an entirely new and imaginative way from TAT.

One of many ways to differentiate yourself during your next trip is to venture off the beaten path and visit an unknown place, feel like an explorer discovering uncharted territories. Asia is full of these hidden gems, unique places with history and culture waiting to be discovered. Be one of the few who have had the privilege of opening the door to places that can enrich your travel experience like no other. Not every destination in our beloved Asia is crawling with tourists going about their day. While they all have their own special charm, there are a few truly hidden gems that are barely discovered yet, or at least some that are simply off the radar of the massive tourist flows passing through Asia. People go to where the guide books tell them it’s great, where there are hotels and tour operators, restaurants, and cafes. Lonely Planet tells them where to go and people follow.

Discover the Untouched Beauty of Southeast Asia

Angkor Wat is the most famous temple, adorning the Cambodian national flag. However, Angkor was only the epicenter of a magnificent former empire and the great Khmer civilization which lasted for five centuries. But it only took a few decades to scale in oblivion. North to the Koh-Ker temple complex with its seven-tier temple; legendary waterfall of Phlèng in order to cool down and grant the right touch; sightseeing we had. During this journey we sample flowering local opportunities, note beautiful small river villages. Encountered temples forgotten over time; unmarked but indicative serenity.

With this prime offering, Discover Thailand & Cambodia, Experience will guide you through the Covid-ravaged land to the hidden gems and greatest splendors of both these countries. Thailand is a treasure trove of cultural showpieces and enchanting experiences lying right next to each other which you will not easily find elsewhere: mountain dwellers cultivating bizarre rice terraces; Mekong hill tribes who fled their country and finally found a home; rich royal traditions; rural balances and highly tasteful metallurgy that partly reveal their secrets; sophisticated handicraft and production industries. Cambodia is home to Angkor, the largest temple complex in the world which was built between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. It really is a sight not to be missed – towering over the surrounding jungle, Angkor will take you back centuries.

Unveiling the Cultural Richness of Central Asia

Guests also visit a museum of local culture where various national dress, artifacts, and musical instruments that change were transparent windows into life as once lived during ancient times. And after they gradually immerse themselves in the best of what Central Asia has to offer, from the beauty of the historical cities and stunning landscapes to the epicurean delights. They will have finally discovered through extensive journeys through exclusive access that this jewel known as Bukhara is the heart of the land. These nicely shaped golden walls encase this major trade center, once one of the main cities in the world. This inspiring spot known for its high standards of education, well-crafted gold artifacts, frescoes, and ceramics, which have been discovered in the mausoleum of the Samanid dynasty. Our travelers discover architectural treasures, amble through the narrow winding streets and bazaars, engage with warm, friendly people and sample well-prepared local dishes that include classics such as Plov.

The travelers begin their journey into the cultural richness of Central Asia with a private guided experience to discover locally-harvested exotic herbs and spices. In the company of an archaeologist, they examine the ethno-botanical collection of Arkanchi complex, part of a 13th-century caravansary along the historic route that changed the world. As they explore the mystical city of Bukhara preserved from antiquity where every corner tells a unique Bukhara story, the travelers sample culinary traditions through dishes such as Plov masterfully prepared by a chef in traditional dress. The journey continues as they watch local artisans weave warm and luxurious silk and wool fabrics on wooden handlooms, a tradition that dates back thousands of years. At a ceramics studio, they meet a well-known local master who explains ancient techniques of creating color from natural elements. The travelers also enjoy a hands-on, private pottery master class, and see Wheel of Fortune games as life-size cups of fortune are spun, counting blessings.

Embarking on an Adventure in East Asia

Malaysia provides some of the most incredible experiences of all, with Cochin-Port Klang boasting a beautiful, fertile country: travelers can enjoy the lovely electric blue lakes of the Berinchang Valley. This exclusive access tour offers them other adventures: a trip to the fishing village of Sekinchan, where they can take an exciting scuba dive on the Berinchang Coral reef and feel completely aligned with nature and the deep blue sea. Education and adventure are always at the forefront of any tour of such a diverse continent: in the north, most visitors will enjoy being taken on a trek by elephant through the stunning Indian jungles at Kumarakon. Then there is, of course, the cultural depth and rich history of the land itself—not forgetting the wonderful monsoon batts, thousands of kilometers from the mainland that invite travelers to sail into the depths of the Indian Ocean.

Those looking for culture and adventure in a tour should consider the fabulous Eastern spas and temples, and the opportunities to experience a unique atmosphere and traditions that stretch back into ancient history, as well as the adventures offered by tours of exotic, vibrant cities. On an exclusive access tour of Indonesia, they will find an exciting mix of city life, ancient temples, and pristine beaches: a city tour of Jakarta will reveal a bewildering variety of modern architectural styles, as well as buildings of beautiful colonial heritage. In contrast, the ageless Borobudur Temple Complex in Java offers fabulous walking in the unique settings of the Ceylonese jungle, bordered by a magical lake. Those in transit in Singapore can pay a visit to the Little India area of the city, whose exotic atmosphere is accentuated by the restaurants – the very best place to sample all the flavors of India – the jewelry and artifacts on display in the shops, and the wonderful, intoxicating smell of Indian spices and incense.

Tailored Experiences for the Discerning Traveler

Part 2. Patrick Renner, the artisan behind The Art Company, creators of the bespoke trunk of contemporary creative, wanted something built specifically for him. Driven by a passion for design, The Art Company, a traveling trunk for the discerning connoisseur opens up to an exciting world of exclusive products, small ateliers, and limited edition pieces. This is an unusual journey that delves deep into the craftsmen behind each product while opening doors to singular experiences of tasting rare champagnes and seeing a gallery of the best unknown designers. Along with stories from underground artists and the finest food in Singapore, its experiences are tailor-made for the individual who prefers things personalized. A delightful tour for both collectors and the curious!

Part 1. From the aficionado of the arts to the one with a passion for style, Tailored Experiences in Asia are what the well-traveled connoisseur is looking for, with each journey put together by notable specialists in art, fashion, design, and food giving exclusive access to local movers and shakers in the desired field. The inaugural collection of specialty designed day tours named ‘Acquired Taste’ promises to know where the locals go and shares secrets known only to the few. At the heart of each tour is a personal invitation from a quiet connoisseur who will curate a local experience to remember.

Personalized Itineraries to Suit Your Interests

Personalized Itineraries to Suit Your Interests: Travel experiences often begin with an image of a certain place. To achieve this, we create individual samples of itineraries for you. Personalized travel involves a certain amount of trust: the itineraries shown in the sample itineraries section of this site are not offered every day. Each itinerary has been designed to suit in every detail the preference of every individual client, with the exception of two highlights for which we have preferred access. Since we usually include on our itineraries several sites that are usually off the beaten track but are of particular interest to art history students or enthusiasts, travel involves a certain level of uncertainty too. You can rest assured that once we have received your inquiry, we check carefully the days and hours you will be staying in each particular place and offer you the days and hours that match your plans. There may be times when the management of an otherwise accessible site advises a different time. You can trust the professionalism of our published itineraries. We endeavor to make your wishes come true by arranging flexible travel and preferable access with a personal touch. Each and every sample itinerary performs at least two key advantages: guaranteeing you have access to sites that display the type of art that particularly interests you and cherishing you have access to the most important of all sites, including those that are usually off the beaten track, in a single day in those cases where such an arrangement is essential for conserving your time and your money.

Who we are: Our company has been founded to invite you, a traveler seeking a holiday different from the ordinary and interested in experiencing the reality of a chosen part of the world, be it through its art treasures or through its people and traditions, to take advantage of the exceptional itineraries offered on this website. We are the bridge between the discerning traveler and the tourist attractions that are usually closed to the public or only accessed after having queued for hours. Thanks to dialogue and direct contact with the managers, we usually have preferred access, entering as soon as the site opens or after it closes to the public. This innovative and exclusive access will make you enjoy a unique experience. Highly personalized and escorted itineraries have been designed for the discerning traveler who is not willing to accept the rigid system of organized tours that do not comply with the planning required by your university.

Exclusive Access to Hidden Landmarks and Attractions

Several of our Exclusive Access Tours are streamed ‘live’ from the field. You can use this content to inspire your clients and encourage them to book experience-led travel. You can also suggest that your accolades and awards ceremonies are hosted at interesting, remote sites instead of orangutan feedings – further minimizing the impact of the conservation tourism your company undertakes. In most Asian countries it’s not necessary to offer guests the option to ride a domesticated elephant, pet a drugged-up tiger or balance on subsided ruins to get good reviews and build a long list of repeat clients. There are safer, off-the-beaten track alternatives to these mainstream tourist hotspots.

Asia’s mainstream tourist destinations are firmly established and overflowing with visitors. Our specialists have encountered a move towards seeking out un-plundered destinations and the hidden gems of each country, whether it’s a high-altitude coffee plantation or a long-abandoned clan village in the middle of a jungle. You can offer clients access to these sights despite their ‘hidden gem’ status, as locals take pride in their heritage and are keen to protect and share their traditions and views. Traveling without the crowds not only reduces the frustration and stress caused by the hordes of selfie-stick toting tourists swarming around temples and beaches, but it also aids the conservation efforts of that area.

Immersive Cultural Experiences with Local Experts

Custom-Made Journeys will plan personalized tours to meet with local experts who will showcase their local cultural highlights as part of holistic experiential routes tailored to the guests’ individual needs. Booking our guests on private nature treks and excursions, our guides will offer curated cultural immersions and discovery experiences of unique places, events, and arts. Signature experiences will be continuously reviewed to help tell our story and complete our experiences on every single trip. This will be done by providing opportunities to connect guests with locals who are passionate about sharing their high-end level of sustainable tourism experiences. Guest experiences of Southeast Asia’s greatest village tourism experiences will accurately align with their interest.

To truly experience indigenous cultures when traveling, it is incredibly important to engage with the local residents, learn about their day-to-day lives, customs, and traditions. Their personal stories, the environments they live in, and the uniqueness of their communities are powerful avenues for quality cultural experiences. Our tours are built around visiting local experts or clients who have carefully selected community residents to become our friends and service providers. Without personal connections, discovering the hidden gems of Asia would be impossible. We want you to feel the essence of ancient towns, engage with local experts to truly connect with the local customs, and a natural environment inclined to share magical experiences with the local minority Hmong. Several generations live together where children and grannies get out almost every day to cultivate rice as a family.

Indulge in Luxury Accommodations and Services

The Trident Hotel is nestled in the heart of Agra and is considered one of the best leisure hotels in the city. There is also an upscale business hotel for the modern traveler with well-appointed rooms, spacious business facilities, contemporary all-day dining options, and the city’s best spa. It has maintained its strong historical ties with Udaipur’s royal families and you can enjoy a heritage walk of the hotel that will get you acquainted with the legacy of the Mewars. Experience the splendor of sunset by cruising in its regal boats round Lake Pichola. Relive the royal destination as you sit back on the wooden seats at Jag Mandir island, a serene island in Lake Pichola. The hotel also offers Mewar sound and light show, a presentation of the history of Mewar, performed on a stage at the hotel and assisted by over 150 folk artists. From Udaipur, you’ll retreat to the deserts of Rajasthan and stay at the opulent Welcomhotel Jodhpur, where you can be fed like a Maharaja or a Maharani.

Indulge in luxury accommodations and services. Asia’s foremost luxury hotels are known as much for their living legacies of opulence, elegance, and innovative architectural innovation as for their gracious service. You’ll find that each hotel is unique, has a tale to tell, and is a proud expression of the destination. You can indulge in the sumptuous luxury of the Taj Lake Palace by night as you’re gently rocked to sleep on the serene waters of the lake with views of the nearby City Palace, a majestic architectural marvel in granite and marble reflected in the lake. You’ll find the Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur to be a beautiful setting for special events and you can charter a vintage car from the hotel to visit the City Palace.

Practical Information and Tips

Before heading out of your hotel, make sure you know what the expected clothing for the day will be. Visiting temples and/or monasteries in the late afternoon: in Buddhist monasteries, men and women are expected to dress appropriately and in dark or neutral colors. Before entering and when visiting religious buildings, remove your footwear. Never point soles of feet towards a person or a Buddha image. Never touch a person’s head. Wash your hands before sitting on the mat and never place a hat or other garment on a seat reserved for a priest or a monk. It is uncommon to give gifts to monks or novices directly in gifts, rather it is customary to place your gift, with a bhat note (not folded and bent, but crisp) left in front of them in the alms-bowl of the saffron water dung in front of them. Women should not hand in items directly to monks but should welcome only earlier, gently placing them on it in accordance with where she herself is sitting.

The exclusively designed itineraries cater to the discerning traveler who delights in the discovery of Asia’s rarely visited treasures. Born from the joy of sharing personal travel experiences, the exclusively designed tours aim to deliver authentic travel through the discovery of local traditions and cuisines, in the company of experts each in their own field of specialty. Drawing inspiration from the use of local ingredients transformed into exotic dishes that make for an unforgettable and classic culinary experience, the exclusively designed itineraries aim to take the traveler to touch the essence of the country of interest and hopefully to get a taste of what makes that place unique. New itineraries can, of course, be designed upon request, based on specific interests and are all-inclusive, featuring private guided visits, chauffeured transportation, and hand-picked boutique accommodation. The listed programs can also serve as inspiration sources and be altered and mixed and matched as required. An exclusively designed travel plan in this ever-growing sea of impersonal must offer a unique travel experience tailored to the interests of the individual to become truly authentic. In proposing the listed itineraries, we want to provide our customers with inspiration for memorable journeys. However, it is the emphasis on exclusive and authentic which, through the creation altogether the visit design visits tailored to the individual customer.

Key takeaways: Classic culinary; taste local ingredients transformed into exotic dishes; design visits tailored to the individual customer; check dress codes and if booking in advance is recommended; authentic experiences in the company of experts; classic itineraries can be spiced up with experiences out of the ordinary.

Best Time to Visit and Climate Considerations

In Vietnam, it can get very cold in the North and cooler weather can be expected in central Vietnam until January and also February. Temperatures will be extremely warm from March/April onwards. In the South of Vietnam, temperatures will be warm to hot throughout the year. In Cambodia and Laos, cooler weather can be expected in the months from December to January, temperatures will be warm to hot from late February onwards. Some cool breezes can be felt around Angkor and the Oddar Meanchey regions of Cambodia during the rainy season from June to September.

Due to the monsoon seasons, a big part of Southeast Asia has its rainy season from June until September. The dry season ranges from early November to late February or early March. In some areas, particularly the South in some countries and hilly regions like North Thailand or Laos, it can get quite cool in the evenings and early mornings. This is also part of the charm to me! The weather begins to get really hot from April onwards. This is also the beginning of the burning season when farmers burn rice paddies, mountains, and forests all over the country, particularly in the North. This often means hazy conditions, particularly in March and April when it is very dry. It can be quite difficult to actually brave some of the northern mountain trekking routes because of hazy weather conditions at these times.

Visa Requirements and Travel Documentation

While these hidden gems in the continent start to become associated with luxury and have become a favored playground for the financial moguls, the elite travelers who are aware of their value can expect to be lavished with a most extraordinary, world-class collection of historic sights, natural beauty, rich diversity of cultures, religious treasures and a one-of-a-kind collection of arts that will leave even the most discerning connoisseur awe-struck. Furthermore, the visitors can expect to not find themselves in large numbers, bumping into others. On the other hand, luxury comes in many forms and explorations need not always be only for the high rollers. Asia’s collection of hidden gems can thus accommodate discerning travelers across the spectrum.

When it comes down to travel, obtaining the necessary paperwork can be cumbersome. This is particularly true when the traveler has to be responsible for obtaining visas alone. In recent years, Asia has embraced electronic visas or visa-on-arrival, as a newly introduced measure to simplify the process for travelers who wish to explore her mysteries. This article would not be complete if we did not tell you about another set of forgotten destinations, in Asia.

Health and Safety Precautions

Let the Destinations Asia team share with you one of the modes of transport they have personally taken, which provides excellent health and safety measures for an authentic travel experience. Refrigerator trucks with ventilation and sanitized spacious cabins are utilized on a daily basis for our transport requirements between Dhaka and Sonargaon to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for all participants. Each truck carries a maximum of four passengers to ensure safe and social distancing measures. Book the Neighborhoods of the River Cruises tour and discover the secrets of Dhaka’s old city while visiting Hindu and Buddhist neighborhoods as well as the Mosque City of Sonargaon before traversing the mighty Meghna River.

We care about your health and safety. Therefore, all our partners are maintaining strict guidelines as per the recommendations of local health authorities and the World Health Organization to safeguard the well-being of their guests, visitors, and employees. Hand sanitizer is also available in all vehicles, and the professional drivers are regularly tested for COVID-19. Guests are requested to bring their own masks, hand sanitizers, and tissues for their own use.

Packing Essentials for an Unforgettable Journey

Fanning your face doesn’t help. Keep cool with a tiny fan that can easily fit in the palm of your hand or bag. Choose from foldable, reusable, and stylish types to mix and match your outfit. It is always nice to look at the water while being amazed by the historic glory. A lovely boat trip on the Chao Phraya River, an authentic oasis on the island of Phnom Penh, and a leisurely boat tour around Maithon Island in Phuket. Your skin suffers when exposed to warm sunlight. It’s hard to find sunscreen at your destination without running out of time for lip tanning, and that might be a little more expensive. Transaction fees around the world will cost you money that could go to souvenirs or a unique experience. Your emergency card, if there is such a thing, the Charles Schwab debit card, which reinvests your ATM withdrawal fees at the end of the month. No matter where you go, a dictionary or an instant translation app on your phone will make your life so much easier, so you don’t have to worry about communicating with the locals.

I have learned from an experienced traveler that one important tip to make your vacation worry-free is the proper planning and location of necessary items. No more searching for bathroom amenities, pain relievers, or when to buy sunblock and much more. Your vacation energy should be focused on where to go, what to eat, and what to do. Have a shirt that can also be good for drink stops and tram stops. Have cheap or group shirts for every day, and you can drop it at the end of the day. Try a simple casual throw and do not forget to have an emergency credit or debit card in your room. Better, bring along a big backpack on big days when you have to bring around souvenirs. If you are going to the hot Southeast Asian region, a big hat is good to protect your face from the heat.