Exploring the Tranquil Side of Taipei: A Guide to Top-Rated Hotels for Your Taiwanese Adventure

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Here are the top 10 hotels that score big in terms of setting, charm, tranquility, decor, and attention to detail. Recommended by friends, philosophers, travelers and surfers who travel around on the lands of Taiwan.

It’s true that there are many things you can do and places to see in Taipei, but not everyone enjoys a fast-paced vacation in the city. Some people just want a relaxing, out-of-town experience where you can just see the stars at night, or wake up to the sound of the ocean, and of course, enjoy unforgettable moments with the important people in your life. The Eastern side of Taiwan is recognized as a dream by surfers who come here to ride the Pacific Ocean waves, but it is also a side that many tourists miss out on visiting. With a tranquil environment and plenty of dramatic scenic beauty, minimal traffic, and terrific food not too frequently visited, the East coast makes for a great road trip and a great vacation stay, as you enjoy the accommodating hospitality of these wonderful Taiwan hotels.

Purpose and Scope of the Guide

Intended to cater to individuals who laze in the lap of luxury and demand a side of fabulous with every amenity, the 5 luxury 5-star hotels in this guide promise an excellent option to count on when luxury is at the core of a travel and stay experience. Committed to offering the high life you’re dreaming of, and with a minimum daily rate to ensure quality experience, allow them to elevate your next luxury adventure in Taipei. With that, we humbly present the 5 luxury 5-star hotels featured in this exclusive guide for connoisseurs of rarefied experiences.

Luxury is often an understatement when describing travel in Taipei, Taiwan. The metropolis is home to an elite group of highly reputable five-star hotels known for pampered services, well-heeled guests, and optimal location in the heart of Dong District. However, there is also another side of Taipei’s opulent personality. Think traditional Taiwanese-inspired décor, swanky modern rooms, indigenous spa treatments, private chauffeured tours, and a cozy retreat from the hustle and bustle of Taiwan’s capital – all within an arm’s length of gourmet and shopping attractions in immensely stylish surroundings.

Understanding Taipei’s Tranquility

In Taipei, you will marvel at the variety of food on offer. Deliciousness is what airs the art of gourmandizing. The best thing is, meals you enjoy in Taipei are prepared from sanitary ingredients, so you can indulge without worry. Towards the close of a busy day, settle in comfortably at one of these hotels recommended by the writer, and let the soul-soothing music wafting through the lobby space convey the warmth of truly leisurely living. You’ll discover that even at night, this city can still hold you like a mother would, offering you a reparative sleep.

Many people in Asia regard Taipei as the preferred destination for stylish shopping. However, there’s more to the city than just retail as therapy. Taipei is also a place where you can discover the tranquil you. To delve into this side of the city, we suggest you stay in one of the boutique hotels featured. Located in quieter neighborhoods, you can indulge in a refreshing stay under the collective attention of a team of warm, enthusiastic hotel staff. Cafes and bistros in the vicinity present unique dining experiences independent of your hotel.

Cultural Aspects

A cultural experience for persons of Taiwanese descent from all over the world calls it a trip through the doors of the human heart and soul. In October 1993, that majestic performance began at the gates of the beloved National Palace Museum. The participants were a worldwide family of Chinese heritage, all returning from travels to better understand their own past. The tale, of course, was their shared family traditions, including and especially the not-so-modest wedding customs. The ties that bind the descendants of China go back alpha generations into the mists of time. Their family albums, handed down by the generations, hold memories that link the dark old days with the bustling “Age of Miracles,” which has done so much to alter the face of modern Asia.

In 1996, this festival was expanded into a long end-of-year activity, with the mid-fall season providing the opportunity to promote Taiwanese culture abroad.

With the intent to promote culture and preserve Taiwan’s cultural development, the National Cultural Association initiated the mid-fall season Cultural Arts Festival in 1995. Successively, an international forum on cultural policy was organized by the Culture and Educational Foundation. For the ’95 festival, theme programs, teaching activities, museum exhibitions, artists and performance tournaments, the traditional Chinese opera week, and cultural and art film programs were held. All of these comprehensively showed the Chinese-style culture as developed in Taiwan.

Natural Beauty

From its origins 3000 years ago, this Taiwanese wild phoenix city has been settled by many people, all seeking a better life. Even though Taipei is a modern, sophisticated metropolis, the quiet strength and beauty from those mountain settlers remains. Yes, it’s true; fantastic coastal natural beauty is available in Taipei, even given the city’s profound energy. The heart of Kinmen’s prosperity was Hujing Tower, built in 1952. If you climb to the 72-foot lighthouse, tower top views are sensational: sensational daytime views of the city, ocean, chatter of ships, voices of people, and shouts of vendors. When evening gathers in, it’s just as thrilling. With the lights from the city twinkling in the darkening sky and the coolness from the oncoming night breeze, you’ll experience the quiet voice of the sea singing you to sleep.

Taipei’s tranquil side is no matter where you are. Taipei’s tranquil side does not lie far. A guide to the top-rated hotels for the natural beauty of your Taiwanese adventure. Explore the outdoor beauty and indoor luxury of these top-rated Taipei hotels. Start making your adventure plans soon. Depending on the time of day or year, Taihang mountains’ green hills cover Taipei in delicate bird peach color. Enjoy a bird’s-eye view from the observation area near the Zhangshui Temple, also known as the City of God, and you will feel Taipei’s friendly charm. From this mountain, you’ll easily recognize all Taipei Districts. The bicycle path below allows you to see just about all of it too.

Criteria for Top-Rated Hotels

Before we delve into the luxurious world of magnificent hotels, we offer you a VIP ticket to learn about the criteria we adhered to when curating our collection. Scanning hundreds of hotels in Taipei, we started noticing an interesting pattern: the establishments attracting the most attention from travelers were those offering a flawless connection with nature. These earthly paradises were noted for their unforgettable views that greeted their guests each morning – prestigious luxury oceanview parchment that truly paints a picture like no other. As Taipei accommodations go, waterfront hotels are an obvious choice for an unforgettable getaway. Hotel terraces are a virtual paradise, the architectural continuation of the vast ocean that truly surrounds guests and symbolizes life and authenticity. With this, each element serves a function. Waterfront hotels take hospitality to the next level, creating guest experiences that exceed all expectations, offering the added health benefits of staying at a hotel which is the most authentic Taipei nature tourism experience.

When preparing for a vacation, planning your adventure is one of the most enjoyable parts of the process. The first and perhaps most important task when organizing a trip away from home is booking a hotel. And let’s be honest, booking a hotel with a stunning view will make your getaway unforgettable. To save you from hours of internet searching and browsing through countless websites, we have put together this article. Our handpicked selection of travel-worthy abodes will no doubt satisfy all your needs, desires, and whims.

Location and Accessibility

If you’re not a fan of huge shopping areas, noisy markets, loud crowds, or the buzz of the Ximen area, staying a bit off the main grid will suit you well. Areas such as Daan District are close to supermarkets, specialty stores, fashion outlets, and cafes and are relatively quiet. It gives a bit of depth and insight into how the locals live and buy their groceries. As a frequent Taipei visitor, I relish a different side of the city, rather than the hustle and bustle of the Xinyi District or Ximen or the historic attraction of Zhongshan District. I prefer being close to a park with numerous breakfast options, a quiet afternoon cup of coffee, and most of all, being able to sleep without hearing a pin drop.

Location is a crucial factor that should be well thought through when booking a hotel. It’s best to map the places you want to visit and see how the commute from your hotel will be. The ease of commuting should be a pleasure rather than a pain unless you’re treating yourself to the ultimate in luxury, in which case you won’t mind being far away from the city. Folk in rental cars should also have no problems, although they may have to grapple with the six-lane boulevard that spews traffic through the area. The best way to get around Taipei, and the cheapest, is via the MRT. There are various train lines that link the city, and it’s the quickest way to avoid traffic. The MRT Taipei wasn’t as developed in the earlier years, which was why many hotels were built near the Taipei railway station. This station amalgamates the Blue Line, Red Line, and Banan Line of the MRT Taipei. If you’re coming from the airport, it’s easy to catch a bus, train or taxi from the station as you have plenty of options.

Amenities and Services

Last but certainly not least are the dining services that these glamorous Taipei hotels boast. There is a vast selection of dining places to select from. Dine inside, eat outside by the poolside, or eat from afar via brochure delivery. Sushi bars, brasseries, shops, and lounges—all offer tasty dishes and great dining. However, that’s not to express that dining options are too expensive to undertake. Taipei is teeming with shops and food stalls that offer delicious bites that don’t require an empty wallet. You really don’t need to go far to experience the food culture that Taiwan is known for. These choices are grouped into numerous Taipei hotels, offering guests the option to use what fits home and any budget they might have.

Taipei hotels compete with each other in terms of services and facilities that are at par with, and sometimes even more improved than, those offered outside the country. You don’t even have to go far to get the best things that Taiwan has to offer. Taipei hotels have their own fair share of “wows” when it comes to elegant wedding spaces. Hotels and other such destinations are well protected against fire hazards, for example. Wi-Fi is a staple service in entrancing Taipei hotels. All hotels offer their guests free access to the internet. For business travelers needing to lead business while on vacation, there are great group spaces that get you and your team ready for your spirit times prior. After a taxing day’s worth of business dealings, you may want to indulge in some well-deserved swimming to revive and feel your greatest. Rooftop swimming pools offer you, as well as other guests, a most enjoyable swimming experience of a lifetime.

Exploring the Top-Rated Hotels

Ambassador Hotel Taipei is a luxurious 5-star hotel uniquely located on a quiet street without car access in Taipei’s Zhongshan district, just an 8-15 min walk from Shuanglian Metro Station, on the loop that opens up our favorite slice of Taipei nightlife, Guting. A hotel plaza, Chin Chin Restaurant, and the Ambassador Workshop offer elegant dining. The vibrant Ziggis Lobby Bar features live bands and large screens that broadcast sporting events. The hotel has several gourmet dining options. Cantonese cuisine can be enjoyed at YEN Chinese Restaurant, while Café at Far Eastern serves authentic Japanese and international cuisines, and the Champs Elysees provides a European-style breakfast, afternoon tea, and an à la carte dinner. Overlooking the city, The Pearl serves a wide selection of drinks with savory Hainanese rice. Ambassador Hotel Taipei is a 45-minute drive from Taoyuan Airport. The Taipei International Convention Center is conveniently located on the hotel’s doorstep. The Ambassador Hotel is a 5-minute drive from the National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall and an 8-minute drive from Taipei Train Station and Zhongshan Hall. Yuanshan Entertainment Center is just a very short 3-minute drive, and the hotel is only about a 5-minute drive to Boishu Cultural Park, Jimbo Square, and Miramar Ferris Wheel. It is a 55-minute drive from Taoyuan International Airport.

With everything from verdant mountains to serene lakes, lush national parks, and the masterfully developed, Zen-like urban centers, Taiwan is the perfect destination for travelers looking for an escape to the tranquil side of life. Enter the country’s serene capital, Taipei. While small enough so that every hotel is on the doorstep of something interesting, Taipei has much to offer, and the process of finding the perfect hotel can be a bit of a task. It is the only way, but finding a top-rated jeweler amongst a sea of people would be like a breeze. 1. Ambassador Hotel Taipei 2. Bellezza Taipei Hotel 3. San Want Hotel Taipei are a few from our all-star list! This list of top-rated hotels is for everyone from a historic nature lover, a backpacker yearning for a hostel, a fussy family, a business traveler, or an urban chic… So, let’s start exploring the star hotels in Taipei and get the picture-perfect staycation clicks.

Hotel A: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

The queen-sized and twin rooms are fitted out with fitted silk covers, deeply tinted leather upholstering, plasma wide-screen television, DVD player, and personal safe. Each 35-sq. m. and 25-sq. m. room is outfitted with a bathroom with natural stone walls, washbasins, separate shower, rainforest and hand-held shower, and separate toilet. Our corner, Junior, Executive, and Presidential suites come with outside balconies or courtyards, 350-thread Italian cotton linen, and memory down pillows. The Presidential suite features a grand piano, and the artistic direction of Mr. Wang, an adept Chinese brush calligrapher, is also clearly evident in our hotel.

Golden Whirlwind is exactly how you will feel at Hotel A. Imagine stepping abreast an oozing bamboo grove to be welcomed by a friendly giant carp at the wood-grill entrance, and then wandering into a highly polished interior of limestone floors and discretely tamed bamboo fence in the modulate earth tones of the images so kind in post-box landscapes. You will feel as cradled and cossetted as an aboriginal maiden in her natural surroundings in this hotel that seamlessly marries traditional and modern.

Hotel B: Luxury and Comfort

A wonderful location in Taipei City next to the Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT station allows guests easy access to the main attractions, shopping areas, and skyscrapers of the city. Before visiting some of Taipei’s best locations, definitely take a quick walk around the Miracle Building which does in fact have some excellent shopping and is also part of the dynamic and thriving area of the city.

Inside the well-known Miracle Building is where you will find Hotel B, one of the more unique and luxury establishments in Taipei. An elegant and glamorous hotel, it gives guests the ideal blend of comfort, style, privacy, and luxury. The staff also offers exceptional service and guests will find it easy to completely relax and enjoy themselves in the spacious, comfortable loft-like rooms. Off on those long days of sightseeing, guests could unwind in the bathtub that floats in the middle of the room’s bathroom and at night, they could get some of the best sleep ever in the plush beds. Before heading off the next day, stop by Momo Café which is on the second floor of the hotel and in addition to all the wonderful things Taiwan has to offer, sample the signature bento box breakfast.

As demonstrated, there are a variety of hotel options in Taipei, and visitors can readily use a wide array of reward miles for their stay in order to ensure that they can truly enjoy their visit. The four suggested properties above are great examples that highlight the full range and introduce what Taipei has to offer. Any one of these would provide the perfect retreat where guests can relax, unwind, and luxuriate in the middle of a bustling metropolis. With all the convenient points hotels, visitors are sure to have an unforgettable time exploring Taipei, knowing that they will have a comfortable place to lay their head at the end of the day. These hotels embody typical Taipei tranquility, and one of them could be your Taipei home the next time you journey to Taipei.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Also, because it is such a strategic hotel to have and the type of peace and quiet that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the city, I had to give a special mention to Grand View Resort. Just imagine walking out of your room into a sea of greenery, with verdant rice paddy in the foreground and mountains shrouded in mist in the background! Visitors here can also take part in a Taiwanese cultural experience like making rice wine. Being a hotel after my own heart, Grand View Resort was the crème de la crème – I highly recommend it. Have we missed out on any other unique accommodations for visitors to Taipei? Do add them whenever convenient through comments below. Happy packing! If Taipei is your next vacation destination, you’re definitely in luck with the choices in your accommodations. There are heaps of accommodations in and around this bustling metropolis. However, it’s always better if you can get a feel of Taipei’s tranquil side in your lodgings. In my article, I went through a list of top-rated hotels which promise the best mix of relaxation, modern conveniences and luxurious