Manila’s Hidden Gems: Top-Rated Hotels for Your Philippine Paradise

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The Philippines remains one of the top-rated travel destinations around the world. With its amazing natural scenery, worldwide people-reputed cordiality, and low-cost living, the country has gained popularity for being one of the top tourism destinations around the world. The Philippines is an archipelago country located in Southeast Asia, consisting of more than 7,000 islands. The most popular destination is Luzon Island, being the metropolitan island of the Philippines. When we speak about Luzon, we cannot leave out Manila. Being the capital of the Philippines, Manila has been known as the “gateway” to the great Philippine paradise. Being a gateway, Manila serves as a good tourism embarkation point. As Manila is geographically located at the center of the country, it proves to be a strategic place for travelers. From Manila, one can easily go to any Philippine destination. The most important thing is that almost all international flights land in Manila. Once you land in Manila, thinking about where to go next can be a bit disorienting. The best idea on planning what to do next is to get the best preview of Philippine local lifestyle. The way of doing that is to plan visiting various Philippine regions. But this can be quite tough if you are traveling with limited time. So how to get a quick and best preview? You guessed it—by visiting various Philippine native theme parks and museums! These theme parks and museums are cultural, social, and historical insights of Philippine regions, packed into one location. Your next question is definitely “where can I find those?” and the best answer is again—Manila. Widen your expectations; there is more to come in our Philippine paradise. And one of the most effective ways to make our entire trip memorable and enjoyable is by staying in a top-quality hotel.

Why Choose Manila for Your Philippine Paradise

In a word, the vibrant and sprawling metropolis of Manila is intriguing. A lovely mess, this city has got character and boasts a history that is still very much alive in its Intramuros area. The Spanish influence, the Catholic faith that the Spanish brought, and the very useful opportunity of Glorietta and Greenbelt shopping centers make for a very interesting posting. The Manilenos are a very friendly bunch and are generally fun-loving, and love to converse with foreigners, as long as the foreigners can keep up with the fast Tagalog, or are fluent in English. One other plus of Manila is its climate. This could be a pro or a con, depending on your preference, but it stays hot and humid all year long. With wet and dry seasons, expect rain from June to October, and expect incredibly hot weather from March to May which is the peak of the summer. Now if that hasn’t scared you off, you are in for a unique and enjoyable experience. The people are an experience by themselves. Very different from the typical stony-faced stranger so common in western countries, the Manilenos will likely voice a greeting in the street to you, and will make the time of day for a short chat in an elevator. This at first can seem intrusive, but after a while, does give you a sense of community and belonging. Now, in deciding to visit the Philippines, whether you like it or not, Manila will become a part of your trip, and it’s fairly likely that you will be spending at least a few days in this city. Those that find Manila to be nothing more than an unavoidable stop before heading out to the world-renowned beaches and other tourist destinations around the Philippines may well change their minds after a night or two in Makati. After a good night out, many people find that Manila has much more to offer than it first seems.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Hotel

A great majority of people would agree that the first definition is essentially what they want when they are traveling. This is especially true if you’re going to a vacation paradise such as the country of the Philippines. Whether or not you are visiting Manila, or taking a longer trip to a provincial destination such as Cebu or Boracay Island, part of the allure of traveling to a really naturally beautiful area is the chance to cut loose from the daily grind and relax in a setting that you could not find back home. When taking a vacation to a place such as the Philippines, it is especially important to choose the right hotel. The hotel is going to be your home base for the duration of the trip, and a cushy home base is crucial to truly experiencing a stress-free vacation. The right hotel can be the difference between coming back home from your trip stressed and tired, or returning from your trip calm and rejuvenated. A major consideration when choosing a hotel is funds. How much can you afford to pay for a hotel?

“Hotel” is interpreted differently by most people. To some, it means a high-end establishment that delivers reliable and first-class service. Those who can afford to travel to overseas countries do not mind spending a lot of money. To them, a hotel translates to an establishment found in the developed world, with top-of-the-line facilities, blood-sucking vampire-like hotel staff, and above all, a clean toilet. Others have different versions of the meaning of the word hotel, such as an area where panhandlers roam the streets, children run around half-naked and dirty, and the stench of urine is evident as a third-world sleeping community; which is still the scenario in many naturally rich, but third-world country, tourist destinations.

Luxurious Retreats

All of this compares very well to the rates that are being offered. However, if you’re considering a stay here, it’s a matter of booking early, as the hotel’s 186 guest rooms and four regal garden villas are often quickly snapped up. Overall, if you know you are due for an indulgent holiday and are tired of the usual busy buzz of Manila, few other places will make you feel as pampered as The Grand Manila.

Presided over by an invaluable staff that offers highly personalized services, you can be forgiven for wanting to spend your entire holiday indoors. However, if you do fancy venturing out, the choice between fine dining and cafes, boutiques, and jewelry shops that surround The Grand Manila are unparalleled by any other hotel. And when you want to unwind, all of this is just a short walk away from the city’s most expansive 18-hole golf course and state-of-the-art golf practice facilities at The Villamor Golf Club.

Essentially, this resort-style hotel is unlike anything else in Manila. The Grand Manila is every about sophistication and class. With its huge, impeccably landscaped compound, it offers an air of peace and tranquility that makes it easy to forget that you are in the premiere commercial district of Makati. The hotel boasts grand European styling and interiors that are chic and fashionably exquisite.

The Grand Manila: A Haven of Elegance

For travelers looking for a luxurious haven, The Grand Manila is a sensible choice. Its elegant European-style interior, lush greenery, and exquisitely landscaped gardens make it stand out from the rest. From opulent rooms to excellent service, The Grand Manila is the ideal place for guests to relax in style. The hotel provides high-class suites and guest rooms completed with tailor-made furnishings and all the modern-day amenities for guests’ comfort. Their room range includes Superior rooms, Deluxe rooms, Executive suites, and One-bedroom suites. Superior and Deluxe rooms come with a choice of King or Twin beds and have the option of a garden view. The Executive suite is slightly more spacious and partitioned into living and bedroom areas, and guests can enjoy the view of the pool. Their one-bedroom suite has an elegant feel. It offers a separate living room area and the option of an adjoining room for extra guests. All these rooms come with a choice of King or Twin beds. Room facilities and services include daily housekeeping services, air conditioning, a flat-screen TV with cable, Wi-Fi, a minibar, a spacious safe, tea and coffee making facilities, and many more.

Paradise Suites: Where Opulence Meets Comfort

Paradise Suites, inspired by a fusion of opulence and comfort, is renowned for its first-class service and first-rate amenities. Set in the heart of the Philippines’ capital, it comes as no surprise that it is nestled within the bustling Ayala Centre. A commercial complex mixed with shops, restaurants, and entertainment; it truly is a befitting location for this luxury hotel. From the moment you enter the magnificent 8-meter high pristine Marble Lobby, you can expect nothing but polished elegance, attentive service, and exclusive comfort. The 287 lavishly appointed rooms and suites, designed with a delicate infusion of classical and contemporary styles, boast modern amenities and luxuries that seem to be tailor-made. Each room comes complete with a spacious balcony overlooking the stunning swimming pool and at night, a vivid cityscape provides a spectacular backdrop. Internet access from the rooms is available for a fee, but Paradise Suites offers complimentary wireless Internet access throughout the hotel and citing work as its priority for business travelers, it has business center facilities located on the 2nd floor. A fully equipped gym, basketball and tennis facilities, whirlpool and steam and sauna rooms cater to those who seek an active lifestyle or for those who wish to simply relax, Spa at the Pavilion offers a range of body massages, scrubs, and facial treatments to soothe your tired muscles and revitalize your senses. High-class Japanese and Italian cuisine is available at the hotel restaurants but given the hotel’s location, a vast choice of aromatic international cuisines, food outlets, and al fresco dining facilities are all within a few footsteps. The hotel’s strategic location provides quick access to many of Manila’s famous tourist attractions and is ideal for family or couple getaways and even busy business trips. High-class luxury and convenience, Paradise Suites is an escape that will leave you desiring to return.

Majestic Residences: Experiencing Manila in Style

This luxury is a five-star condominium offered for rent. The place is fairly new and is situated within the progressive cities of Paranaque, Mandaluyong, and Makati. The rotunda location makes traveling more accessible; it is near the airport and major thoroughfares, shopping centers, and well-known restaurants. It is also close to reputable hospitals and embassies, plus schools and churches. The condo is a five-storey complex complete with function rooms, a game room, a fitness room, a badminton court, a basketball court, a 175m long curved swimming pool, and a convenient store. The exterior of the place is very modern and has a hotel-like feel to it. This feel continues on to the inside of the buildings where elevators are located. The ambiance is very peaceful and cozy, there is 24-hour security, and the personnel are well trained. Now for the interior of the condominium; this unit is 42 square meters. It has one bedroom, one bath/shower-room, a combined living room, dining, and kitchen, a laundry cage, and a large balcony. It offers a queen-sized bed, an air-conditioned room, a TV with cable, a fridge, a microwave, a gas range, a dining set, a hot shower, a 2-seater sofa lounge, coffee tables, and an outdoor setting for the balcony. The room can comfortably sit six for dining and another six in the living room. Now this room is truly a hidden gem, it is a cheap alternative to your hotel. The place could comfortably house a guest that is traveling with two companions. The weekly rent in USD is $200.00 and is complete with association dues and utility bills on a provision that an excessive amount is not consumed. A wireless internet broadband is provided at $30.00 per month. The terms of payment would be Php 10,000.00 down payment and the balance should be paid upon the day of arrival. This place is guaranteed a home away from home and it’s just simply irresistible.

Budget-Friendly Options

When it comes to budget travel, Manila’s home to a number of hostels and inns that offer safe, clean, and cozy environs without breaking your bank. The Cozy Corner Inn is a great place to start your search. Located in a nice and quiet nook, this travelers’ inn offers spacious rooms with all the amenities you’d expect from a quality budget hotel, including hot showers, cool air-con, and cable TV. It’s a little hard to find, but worth the effort, and near the Pedro Gil LRT station. Rates are extremely reasonable, and weekends see discounts of up to 50%. Another oldie but goodie is the Quaint Guesthouse, a bed and breakfast-style pension house in Malate. It offers charming and homey accommodations at reasonable prices. This is a favorite among backpackers. Close to the nightlife and cultural experiences of Malate and Ermita, you’ll have no trouble finding things to do in the vicinity of this guesthouse. The Urban Hostel comes highly recommended from backpackers who’ve made it their home away from home. Clean, safe, friendly, and affordable, it’s a great place for travelers to meet up and share stories, as the common room has a great setup for movie nights and small parties. Free Wi-Fi, a cozy common area, and a snack bar round out the great amenities here. Coming out of the Taft Avenue MRT station, walk one block east and one block south, and you’ll find it. Finally, Manila’s got plenty of affordable, dormitory-style lodges, but the best one to recommend is the sarcastically named Backpacker’s Paradise near A. Mabini. This one’s definitely no frills, but it’s the cheapest single room in town, and very close to Robinson’s Place Mall and plenty of nightlife. The hot water might be a 50/50 shot, but you’ll still get the clean and safe cheap sleeps you’re looking for.

Cozy Corner Inn: Affordable Comfort in the Heart of Manila

For travelers seeking both affordability and comfort, Cozy Corner Inn offers an excellent value. With only six rooms, this small but cozy inn supports an environment of peace and tranquility. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning and cable TV, and the private bathrooms have hot and cold showers. A home-cooked meal made from fresh, local ingredients is served every morning in the guest lounge. The innkeepers are happy to provide insider’s information on the best local restaurants, shopping and tourist attractions. Cozy Corner Inn is located in Malate, a safe and clean neighborhood just adjacent to Manila’s tourist belt, where visitors can find shopping, dining and entertainment to suit any taste. This inn offers a comfortable and convenient haven for tourists who seek peace and quiet at the end of a long day.

Quaint Guesthouse: Charming Accommodations on a Budget

Whether you’re a backpacker, a student traveling on a low budget, or simply someone who prefers to spend less on accommodations so that you can spend your money on other things whilst on holiday, there are a number of youth hostels in Manila that can provide you with a clean, safe haven with all the basic amenities without breaking the bank. If you happen to be coming from a chaotic city or are unused to constant noise and activity, then this may be the perfect place for you to unwind and relax after a long day of sightseeing. Setting itself apart from most of the cheaper options, the Anglo Egyptian is a quaint guesthouse located in a quiet residential area in the heart of Manila. In close proximity to restaurants, a shopping plaza and cinemas, it is also a short taxi ride away from tourist spots and the intriguing nightlife district of Malate. The guesthouse has 3 types of rooms – single, double and triple, all of which are spotlessly clean, air-conditioned and furnished with a colorful mix of traditional Filipino and Egyptian decor to reflect the owner’s lineage. There is a cozy common area with cable TV, a selection of DVDs and book exchange, Wi-Fi, a communal kitchen for guests to prepare their own meals, and a leafy courtyard to relax in. With such a homely atmosphere and only 23 rooms, the friendly and attentive staff are always focused on giving their guests a more personalized service and ensuring that their needs are met. Due to its size and popularity, it is necessary to book in advance.

Urban Hostel: A Vibrant and Affordable Stay

If you’re a backpacker or budget traveler looking for an affordable and lively atmosphere, then the Urban Hostel is absolutely the right choice for you. Located – you guessed it – right in the heart of urban Manila, the hostel is a great place to meet locals, expats, and other travelers and to get an authentic feel for life in the big city. Dorm rooms are clean and spacious, and the common room is the perfect place to relax with a cold beer after a long day of sightseeing. You can choose from fan or AC rooms, and the rates are some of the best in the city with beds starting around $7 USD per night. This is also a great place to gather information for continued travel around the Philippines, and the hostel staff won’t hesitate to give you the real deal about what to see and do and how to watch your back in Manila!

Backpacker’s Paradise: Affordable Lodging for Adventurers

You do not need to break the bank for a decent night’s sleep and a hot shower in the Philippines. Whether staying in Manila or traveling throughout the islands, there are many hostels and budget hotels available to travelers. This article is a guide to backpackers lodgings in the Philippines. It lists a selection of the best and most popular accommodation options for travelers on a budget. While there are many cheap places to stay, they are not all equal. These options were selected based on their popularity with backpackers, value for money, and location. An important note to remember when booking budget accommodation is to check the most recent traveler reviews, as the quality of a place can deteriorate over time. A recent review will likely give the most accurate impression of an accommodation option. This is especially true in the Philippines. One of the best budget options for travelers in Manila is Where 2 Next. This lively, tidy, and secure hostel is in a fantastic location, just a short walk from the restaurants, nightlife, and tourist sites of Malate. The hostel has a variety of rooms available, from dormitories to private rooms with ensuite. The friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere make it a great choice for travelers. A free breakfast is included with all rooms, and the communal kitchen is a great facility for those travelers on a tight budget. Free Wi-Fi and a variety of tours and day trips on offer round out the accommodation. Regular travelers to Manila have sworn by this comfy joint.

Hidden Boutique Hotels

The first hotel is Serene Oasis: A Tranquil Escape in the City. This hotel is located in North Parkland Sustainability, 947 Lumley Road L1/22, Warkworth, Auckland 0941, New Zealand. It is classified as a boutique hotel with a 5-star rating. The hotel architecture is very unique, capturing an urban-style from the 70s. The hotel is surrounded by a garden and a park, as it is adjacent to one of the beautiful parks in North Parkland Sustainability. This creates a peaceful and quiet atmosphere for visitors to enjoy an afternoon tea. This ambiance is very suitable for people who live in the hustle and bustle of the city and want to escape from their routine and take a rest for a while. The main building is a two-story house with white wood-coated walls and a glass door. There is also a small house beside the main building that can be used by visitors. The rooms are also unique. There are various types of rooms, ranging from standard rooms to fully furnished en-suite studios with a choice of garden view or park view. Visitors can choose the type of room that suits their needs. The hotel also prioritizes the environment and its surroundings by implementing sustainable design. It is located on the edge of Eskdale Park Bush, which is a reserve area. This provides fresh air and a very quiet atmosphere, free from pollution and noise. This is beneficial for people staying at this hotel.

The theme of hidden boutique hotels in Manila is suitable for us to use as a reference for our thesis and the architecture of the hotel itself. Generally, all boutique hotels are designed with different words and a more free style. It is a term used in interior design. These boutique hotels will describe the significance of the ambiance and architectural style of the hotel. That is why our architecture concept and the other boutique hotels are related to each other and can serve as great references to establish a connection between these three elements. We agree that the architecture concept of a hotel itself is one of the several things that show the characteristics of the hotel, which will be judged by the ambiance and architectural style.

Serene Oasis: A Tranquil Escape in the City

Known for its poolside garden setting, Serene Oasis is a haven for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of city living. Situated on the border of the Santa Mesa and Quezon City districts, this small high-end venue is a convenient location for quick city travel whilst being just steps away from a rejuvenating atmosphere. This hotel offers 10 elegantly designed rooms, an international gourmet restaurant, swimming pool, and business conference room for intimate meetings. The accommodation has changed the usual pattern of stay being a ‘weekend retreat’ for Metro Manila dwellers, with much of its business coming from conferences and special functions. During these bookings, the hotel is closed to outside inquiries so it is best to book well in advance. Room rates range from 7000 Peso – 9000 Peso per night, which may seem steep for a local establishment but surpasses local 3-5 star hotel rates for value in both quality and setting. The restaurant is also open to the public and gaining popularity as a quality dining option.

Secret Garden Hotel: Discovering Manila’s Hidden Gem

The Secret Garden Hotel prides itself on being a hidden gem, and after a visit at this secluded but beautiful place, one would agree that it deserves the label: Discover Manila’s Hidden Oasis. Entering the hotel through a narrow side street, you arrive at what looks like a grand old house – the former home of the former President of the Philippines. But, there is no sign of the hotel; however, a walk through the doors provides you with an unexpected surprise. The hotel has gaps between buildings and trees, and one could easily get lost within the maze of staircases and walkways. Greeted at the door by welcoming and helpful staff, one is immediately impressed by the warmth of the hotel lobby: its elegant hardwood floors and furniture are designed for comfort. Sitting by the pool, you could easily believe that you were at a friend’s country mansion and not in the middle of one of the world’s busiest cities. With just a standard room, you are provided with a small villa – including a living room and kitchen area – and a view of one of the most stunning gardens imaginable. It is this that makes the Secret Garden Hotel more of a sanctuary than a typical hotel, and if you did not have the entire city of Manila at your doorstep, it would be possible to forget where you were.

Urban Hideaway: Unveiling Manila’s Best-Kept Secret

This set-up will offer you more of a “home away from home” feel, and a quiet nook to recoup after a long day about the city, for the mere noise of children playing in the street outside will remind you of where you are in the world! Now considering that Manila is not renowned for available green space, the Urban Hideaway offers the rare feature of a lovely, private garden outdoor space. In true European fashion, here you can take breakfast in the morning or tea in the afternoon amongst the greenery, or just take a book outside and unwind. A garden is a sorely missed comfort in Manila living, considering the pollution and the sacrifice of greenery for rapid urban development. So this rare little haven can provide a tremendous sense of relief!

Hidden away amidst the rush of Makati is the serenely private and secluded Boutique Hotel – a small, elegantly styled hotel housed in a beautifully restored Filipino mansion. Located off the beaten path on Mimosa Drive, the hotel is close enough to be convenient, but distant enough to be an escape. Modeled on the elegant yet cozy bed and breakfast style of Europe and America, it is a friendly place, housed in a quiet residential neighborhood, and near the amenities of the city.